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Teresa McCarthy

Teresa McCarthy, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor, Department of Marketing; Director, Global Supply Chain Management Program

Phone: (401) 232-68014

Email: tmccart4@bryant.edu

Education: Ph.D., Marketing and Logistics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Curriculum vitae

At the graduate level, Teresa McCarthy teaches Advanced Supply Chain Integration and participates in the Global Immersion Experience, a course that includes travel to countries such as Chile and Panama where students become immersed in the country’s culture and business.

At Bryant, McCarthy is known for championing the effort to establish and grow the new Global Supply Chain Management program. Her publications and consulting focus on supply chain integration topics such as forecasting and collaboration.

“Globalization – which makes the entire planet a potential supplier as well as a buyer – has created tremendously complex supply chains that need to be managed and coordinated in new and different ways,” McCarthy said.

Supply chain jobs are in big demand. She cites 2013 statistics that project that 270,000 U.S. supply chain jobs will be created each year – yet only 75,000 college students each year will graduate with supply chain experience.

Negotiation skills are an important aspect of many supply chain jobs, McCarthy said, particularly in sourcing. For 14 years, McCarthy was a retail buyer and planning manager at Ross Stores and Bonwit Teller, the swanky New York department store. McCarthy would haggle with design houses such as Ralph Lauren and Chanel over which $4,000 handbags or $600 belts would appear in Bonwit stores and how much floor space they would get.

“The job was a wonderful mix of the analytic and the creative,” she said. “I could forecast what was needed, then choose the collections. And every once in a while, I’d get to have lunch with Donna Karan or dinner with Paloma Picasso. Not bad.”