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Featured Faculty

Hong Yang

Hong Yang, Ph.D.

Title: Vice President for International Affairs; Dr. Charles J. Smiley Chair Professor; Professor of Science and Technology

Phone:  401-232-6223

Email: hyang@bryant.edu

Education: Ph.D., Geology and Paleobotany, University of Idaho; M.S., Botany and Paleobotany, China University of Geosciences (Beijing); B.S., Earth Science, China University of Geoscience (Wuhan)

Curriculum vitae

Hong Yang, Ph.D., arrived at Bryant in 1998 with a vision to expand Bryant’s outreach to China. Yang founded Bryant’s U.S.-China Institute, which forges partnerships between Bryant and higher learning institutions, business enterprises, and governmental offices in China. He also directs the Confucius Institute, the first China-funded institute in Southern New England dedicated to the promotion of Chinese language and culture.

“If you study business, it’s unimaginable that you do not encounter issues on China,” Yang says. “By integrating global thinking into the Bryant experience, our students are cultivating a global perspective which is a prerequisite to success.”

Yang, the Charles J. Smiley Chair Professor, established the university’s Environmental Studies in China program in 2006. He is also a prominent researcher whose work includes studying how fossilized conifer needles have impacted global climate change. A dedicated mentor of young scientists, Yang and Caitlin Witkowski ’11 discussed their findings at the 2010 Geological Society of America conference in Denver.

“Presenting your results and arguing your point of view are essential steps in doing research in our field,” Yang notes. “Our students also attack international challenges from a sustainable systems perspective, and develop intervention skills for dealing with environmental management problems.”

In 2012, Yang was named Bryant’s Vice President for International Affairs. Since then, he has helped secure more than $3 million in grants and contributions for the University.

Among his priorities as vice president have been the planning and coordination of Bryant University Zhuhai to build a stronger bridge for two-way educational exchange between Bryant and China. Bryant also has an agreement with the China University of Geosciences that allows Bryant students to study abroad.