All of our faculty are prominent, award-winning scholars who continually enhance their expertise through research, publishing, consulting, and community service. Bryant's collaborative environment allows this extraordinarily accessible faculty to share their knowledge with you. Learn more about some of them below.

Stanley Baran, communication

Stanley Baran

“More and more, what we know about ourselves and the world is mediated through television, the Internet, and social media.”

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KRIsten Berkos, communication

Kirsten Berkos

“Communication plays an essential role in management and the workplace. From a mission statement down to the hiring process, it is critical to good leadership.”

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Dan McNally, Global Environmental Studies

Dan McNally

“I love what I do because we have major environmental problems out there, and my students and I can be part of finding solutions.”

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Hong Yang, science and technology

Hong Yang

“Our students attack international challenges from a sustainable systems perspective and develop intervention skills."

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Robert jay amrien, physician assistant studies

Robert Jay Amrien

"I want the very best PAs to come out of Bryant. ... A focus on bettering the lives of patients — on public service — is what I want our program to be known for."

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Lori coakley, management

Lori Coakley

“I want [my students] to walk out of my class and say ‘Wow. I can use that in my interview or my internship.’ Everything I do begins in the classroom.”

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charles cullinan, Accounting

Charles Cullinan

Accounting is “a fascinating subject. It’s all about getting the information you need to make good decisions in business."

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Carol DeMoranville, Marketing

Carol DeMoranville

“The nature of learning at Bryant is very applied. I like solving real-world problems in business. ... I get involved in a lot of things.”

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Lookman BukY Folami, Accounting

Lookman Buki Folami

“Consulting keeps me grounded in the classroom. It gives me examples of practical applications for my students ... ‘here’s how you do it’ and ‘here’s why it matters.’”

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Eileen Kwesiga, management

Eileen Kwesiga

“The faculty, and the passion and fire in the students, are inspiring. ... There is so much opportunity to make a difference beyond our borders.”

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teresa Mccarthy, management

Teresa McCarthy

“Globalization ... has created tremendously complex supply chains that need to be managed and coordinated in new and different ways.”

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Keith Murray, maRketing

Keith Murray

“We have important things to get done in class. But if you ask me to lunch, I will pay. We’ll talk about career issues.”

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peter nigro, finance

Peter Nigro

“I enjoy consulting, but even more, I enjoy teaching and seeing former students coming back to campus – and learning from them.”

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Elaine Notarantonio, Marketing

Elaine Notarantonio

“I can relate to consumer behavior on a personal level. We all shop. And we’re all susceptible to our friends, to advertisements, to trends.”

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Janet Prichard, Computer Information Systems

Janet Prichard

“Students in just about any field of study who have the skills to analyze data will have a huge advantage in the job market.”

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michael roberto, management

Michael Roberto

“A good leader ... listens to a wide range of people, gathers their ideas, pulls them together, sets the direction, then gets buy-in. That’s the heart of it.”

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James Segovis, management

James Segovis

“The strength at Bryant is collegiality. Faculty and staff play well in the sandbox, and are always willing to share with you and help you.”

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Jack Trifts, finance

Jack Trifts

“Education is not just about learning facts. I want to spend more time pushing the students to think about real issues.”

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John Visich, management

John Visich

“Supply chain management requires a systems approach. You need to know finance, accounting, marketing, sales, operations, information technology."

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