Bryant University. The Character of Success

On Campus And From Anywhere In The World

Bryant's distance-spanning technology transforms the classroom into a multimedia center where you and your fellow students can participate, no matter where you are in the world.

All MPAc and MST courses are delivered simultaneously in the classroom and online. Students who are unable to attend class in person can still participate in real-time lectures through a virtual classroom.

Classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard that adds a valuable dimension to your learning experience. Professors can also access Internet resources and previously prepared documents and share them with students from this platform.

Every MPAc and MST class sessions is recorded and available to all students who attended class when it was originally held. This is a great way to renew class topics and past discussions. All supporting materials presented during classes are captured in the recording, including professors' lecture notes, resource lists, Web sites, and business cases.

Bryant's investment in providing state-of-art technology and learning tools demonstrates a strong commitment to each student's success.