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Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) in Communication

A designated CGS consists of courses selected by the graduate faculty and is the same for all students. For example, in Communication you could get a designated CGS in Persuasion, Promotion, and Public Relations.
A designed CGS consists of courses selected by you in consultation with your advisor, and agreed to by the Program Director. This option is intended to reflect your academic background and meet your needs/interests while maintaining academic integrity of the Certificate.
A CGS usually consists of four or five graduate-level courses, depending in part on whether the CGS is designated or designed. You'll take the same courses offered to M.A. students, just fewer of them overall. All courses successfully completed in pursuit of a CGS in Communication can be applied toward the MACom.
Under either option, admission requirements and processes for the CGS are the same as those required of master’s degree students. Tuition and fees for CGS students are the same as tuition and fees for M.A. students. CGS and M.A. students are subject to the same academic guidelines (except for transfer policies) and institutional regulations. CGS students enjoy the same institutional privileges as M.A. students (such as parking, access to library, facilities, etc.).
Any undergraduate who has completed at least 90 credit hours or equivalent and who has earned an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 is entitled to apply for and begin taking CGS courses. The CGS in Communication, including both designated and designed options, is open to candidates of any undergraduate major.

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Certificate of Graduate Studies in Applied Economics (CAE)

Program highlights

The Certificate of Graduate Studies in Applied Economics (CAE) is an innovative and immersive program designed for individuals seeking to advance their economic education and careers and focuses on practical applications of economcs knowledge and expertise. The CAE is offered entirely online , augmented with opportunities to interact face to face with fellow students, professors, and guest lecturers.

Q. What kind of background does a typical CAE applicant have?

A. Graduate studies in economics are open to any undergraduate major. All candidates who seek to advance their education and acquire practical career applications of economics expertise are encouraged to apply. Students with limited quantitative and economic skills may be asked to take undergraduate courses to prepare them for advanced studies in economics. Any “foundation” requirements and timeline for completion of these requirements will be stated in the acceptance letter. 

Q. What tests are required for admission?

A. None

Q. Are there additional requirements for international applicants?

A. International applicants will need to submit a TOEFL score if the native language is not English or if the applicant has not completed a degree from a program taught in English. In addition, transcripts from colleges/universities outside the U.S. must be translated into English and converted to a 4.0 GPA scale. International students do not qualify for an F1 visa status.

Q. What is the application deadline?

A. Applications are accepted at any time; however, the date of the submission and acceptance determines the applicant's start date. Acceptance decisions are usually made within a week of submission of all application materials.

Q. When can a student start the program?

A. Students can start the program in the fall, spring, or summer terms.

Q. What is the tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year?

A. The total tuition for the CAE program is $11,184 ($932 per credit hour).

Q. What is the curriculum?

A. Twelve credit hours of online coursework, including Foundations of Quantitative Analysis, Economic Impact and Evaluation: Methods and Practice, and Professional Economic Analyses and Reporting; and either  Experiential Learning in Applied Economics or  Corporate Governance in the 21st Century


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